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Excursions from Lignano

Marano Lagunare

Marano Lagoon is an ancient town that overlooks the lagoon.

It was astrongholdof the Venetian Republicwho conqueredFriuliin 1534, which still retainsitsurban structure, characteristic ofthe ancientwalled city.Maranoisstill tied upin Venice: the inhabitants have kept the"spoken" typicallyVenetian, although only two milesfromMaranospeakthedialect of Friuli; Callithat remindVenice, as well as the monumentsof whoruledMaranofor Venice.

Very relaxingis a walk inthe center of Marano, nowa pedestrian area, stopping at the Central Square, where standsthetowerof the fifteenthcentury, now used as abell tower.

On the main facadeof the restaurantStella d'Oro”you can seethe onlyintactStatueofSuperintendentPeterBernardoBembo. Withthe last renovationtook place in 1996, came to light in 1643an inscriptiondedicated to PioFortiandAndreaContarenogenerous, true leaders whodeservethis monument.Inside the restaurantyou can seethecoat of armsof the Houseandthestoneon whichis inscribed the dateofconstruction of the house.

Do notforget to visit thechurch ofSt. Martinin theeighteenth century.
Maranois stilla center forfishing,forthisiswell known for itsrestaurants,in particularthe “Stella d’Oro”. In this restaurantyou can tasteanauthentic cuisinebased exclusively onfish, whose dishes arecombined with thefamous white winesof Collio.